At The Flying field

Flying rules

We operate within strict bounds set by Model Flying NZ, our insurers, Occupational Health and Safety, and by Civil Aviation. As we are directly on the flight path to Paraparaumu airport it is essential that limits on airspace and height restrictions be observed. These are not onerous conditions and it is expected that Club members will familiarise themselves with, and follow these rules.
Click this link to access and our local site operating rules.

Flying field etiquette

We aim to have a friendly club, where members enjoy their flying experience and get every opportunity to develop their skills.  Some ways in which you can support this culture are:

  • Hours of operation. Provided the park is open, the strip is available.
  • When arriving at the flying site, introduce yourself to other flyers before setting up and flying.
  • Obey the club flying rules
  • Don’t “hog” the flight line – give others a turn
  • Volunteer to act as an observer for others
  • Help open up and close the runway
  • Help other members who may be having a bad day
  • Help look for downed models
  • Participate in airfield maintenance activities

Field Access

The gate at the entry to the flying field is kept padlocked with a combination padlock when the field is not in use. All financial members are given the combination, which is changed regularly.

When you are leaving:

  1. Ensure all gates are closed.
  2. Clubhouse closed up.
  3. Toilet Locked
  4. Lock the gate when leaving the site.

Electric Fence 

Fence Instructions rev1

Weather Station

The club operates an automatic weather station at the flying site, which can be accessed by members and the public via this link.