Visit Us


Spectators are welcome at any time at the club when members are flying.

Visitors are asked to park outside the pits area. A suitable spot is signposted to the right of the pits entrance.

There is a good vantage point on the slope running up behind the club house. Unless there is an event on such as our annual rally, visitors are welcome to seek permission to come into the pits area and have a chat to members and look at the models. If you have children with you, please make sure they do not wander off. See safety note at the bottom of this page.



Flying visitors

Visiting pilots are welcome to join us providing there is a club member present and the visitor holds a current Wings badge. Introduce yourself to some of the members and seek permission to fly with us. If you are a current member of another club and wish to fly with us on a regular basis, it is appropriate and expected that you take out dual membership with the Kapiti Club. Before you fly with us, please read and familiarise yourself with our rules.

Safety Note
Model aeroplanes can be hazardous.  We promote and enforce safe flying practices, but out of control events can happen.

  • Visitors and members attend at their own risk.
  • Be vigilant !
  • No dogs!